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Accessibility Guide The National Easy Read



Easy Read Accessibility Guide 2024


A guide for customers who have registered in advance for accessible facilities.


This contains only the most important notes, and full information can be found in the regular accessibility guide.

The What.3.words location for Crystal Palace Park is boom.short.singer. The locations of the accessibility box office and toilets and other accessible facilities

can be found on the maps.


Follow the signs and directions to the accessibility box office. You will see lots of lanes where people are having their ticket scanned.

What.3.words: boom.short.singer


If you come by car, please note there is no parking onsite on the day of the show.

We advise any customers who struggle with long distances to arrive at the

Crystal Palace Train station.

Essential companion tickets are collected onsite at the accessibility box office.


Essential companions will be allowed in with a registered ticket holder approved for the essential companion ticket.


You must have your

  • The National show ticket

  • Photo ID


Opening and Closing Times: Accessible Box Office: 14:00 – 21:00

Arena: 14:00 – 22:00

If you need to leave the venue for an urgent reason, please inform the accessibility team.


Customers with accessible requirements will be asked to present photo ID at the accessibility box office.


A hearing loop system will be installed at the accessible box office.


Up to date station information will be available on the National Rail website.


Taxis will be available at Crystal Palace Park and the collection point will be

outside of C Gate.

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We advise you to book via UberAccess.


There is a lane prioritizing customers with accessibility requirements. When it is busy

there may be a line.


Drop Off & Pick Up

If you are being dropped off in a car, you should have received an accessible drop-off pass in which the driver should display in their windscreen.

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The drop off & pick-up area is outside of C Gate, which is just by the entrance to the

accessible box office.


During peak times traffic may be congested and there may be waiting involved.


Accessibility wristbands are only available at the accessibility box office lane which

is located at C Gate.

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There will be sniffer dogs.


The accessibility team will be wearing purple tabards and will be on-site to help

you when needed.


We also have stewards on the viewing platforms and ground-level viewing areas. They are there only to supervise these



Security will check wristbands on the entrance to viewing platforms and viewing areas.


This is an outdoor event in a grassed country park with a natural slope.

There will be accessible and regular PolyJohn loos. These will be around the arena and at the Viewing Platforms.

A changing places unit is by the main stage viewing area.


We have a limited number of chairs available on the raised viewing platforms and in the ground level viewing areas.

Chairs available first come first serve.

BSL performance interpreting will be taking place at the viewing platforms.


Bring a reusable water bottle and refill it at the water points on site.


You need to tell us if you have an assistance or guide dog.


There may be strobes and moving lighting effects used on the stage. Stage effects will be used.


Staff and security reserve the right to ask customers to leave the platform if you do

not behave appropriately.

Platforms operate on a first-come, first- served basis. If the platforms become full we operate a one-in-one-out policy.