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Accessibility Guide The Wolfe Tones


This accessibility guide can also be viewed by picking up a returnable copy from the Accessible Box Office or the main stage viewing platform.



The below paragraphs provide a welcome message from the show organisers and an image showing the main stage.

Organising this event requires extensive planning, and we hope to provide everything you need to make it as memorable as possible.

Please take the time to read this accessibility guide carefully. It contains essential information, including things to remember to bring, how to access the festival site and the facilities available once inside.
Please remember to share this accessibility guide with your essential companion, as they must also know the information in this document.

Enjoy the show!

The Accessibility Team


Below lists the relevant documentation you need to bring to the event.

We strongly recommend downloading the Ticketmaster app on your phone and preloading your ticket before arriving at the festival. This will ensure that you won’t have to worry about having a good signal on your phone at the festival. Please open your phones app store and search Ticketmaster UK.

We will need to scan the QR code on your digital ticket when you arrive to issue your wristbands.

Please check the email you should have received confirming the accessible facilities you have been pre-approved access to.

For search purposes, the email would have been sent from [email protected], and the subject line would be Finsbury Park Accessibility Approval Confirmation.

If you have not received an email, please email [email protected] or phone 07386 392 394.


Please ensure you have one of the below forms of ID with you:

  • Nimbus Access Card
  • Current passport
  • Current driving licence
  • Finsbury Park digital Access Pass

You may be asked to present these when collecting your wristbands.

If you are lucky enough to look under the age of 25, you may also be asked to show proof of age when purchasing alcoholic drinks.

Please ensure your phone is fully charged or you have a mobile charging device.


If you’re bringing prescribed medication, please ensure the following:

  • Your medication is in the correct packaging with the dispensary sticker intact and issued in the ticket holder’s name.

Please note: Loose medication or medication that’s not in the correct packaging will not be permitted into the show unless you have contacted us in advance for prior approval (e.g. because you are unable to bring the original packaging, in which case we will request evidence in support pre-event).

All medication must be clearly labelled with the customer’s name and contact details and will only be issued to the named customer or their essential companion, where applicable.

To make storage arrangements, customers are advised to contact The Team in advance.

Designated medication storage is located within the Medical Tent within the main arena close to the Accessible Entrance.


If you have been pre-approved to attend The Wolfe Tones with an essential companion, please ensure they arrive with you.

Your essential companion must be present with you at check-in to receive their wristband.

Your essential companion must be willing and able to perform all your requirements, as needed, and be able to assist during an evacuation or other emergency.

If the Event Management Team finds evidence that your essential companion is not attending for the purpose of supporting your needs, they may be asked to leave the show. Before taking this action, we will inform you, share the evidence used to reach our decision, and discuss alternative means for your needs to be supported.


The Wolfe Tones in Finsbury Park is an outdoor event, and most of the terrain is grass. Solid pathways or hard ground are absent in some parts of the event site. The food, drink and stages are in areas with inclines or slopes.

In the event of rain, it is important to know that the terrain will likely become muddy and wet, making it harder to navigate. We recommend using wheelchairs or mobility scooters suitable for this terrain and bring the appropriate emergency tyre repair kit.

Whilst we hope for sunshine, please pack all the gear for all kinds of weather.

Please note that there isn’t a buggy service at this event.


The next section provides travel options to Finsbury Park.

The site address is Finsbury Park, London, N4.
The Accessibility Box Office and Entrance/Exit is located at Gate D.


Accessible Box Office
Opens at 13:30 and closes at 19:30. Last entry is at 19:30.

Event Arena
Opens at 13:30 and closes at 21:30. Last entry is at 19:30.



BY BUS: The closest bus stop to the Accessible Entrance is Finsbury Park Hornsey Gate, which services the W5.

The Finsbury Park bus station covers a lot more bus routes. 4, 19, 29, 106, 141, 153, 210, 236, 253, 254, 259, 279, 341, W3, W7.

On exit, the buses will be running from Finsbury Park Wells Terrace Bus Station. They will also run from Green Lanes and the north end of Seven Sisters Road.

All London buses have easy access ramps and enough room on board for one wheelchair. While most wheelchair types can fit on these buses, only certain models of mobility scooters can. Please check the Transport for London website for further information.

BY TUBE: It is approximately 0.4 miles from both Finsbury Park Station and 0.3 miles from Manor House Station to the Accessible Entrance. We would advise customers to arrive via Finsbury Park Station as there are access facilities within this station. The route from the station to the Gate is hard standing pathway.

The Accessible Entrance is approximately 700 meters from Finsbury Park Station and a 10-minute walk from Manor House Tube Station.

Finsbury Park has level access into the station. They have a lift that goes to Platforms 1 & 2. The platforms with step only access is / are 3,4,5,6,7 & 8. It’s important to note that this station will be busier than usual at the end of the night, so long queues are expected.

Manor House Station is nearby and is expected to be quieter. Although this station is not wheelchair accessible as it has step access only.

BY TAXIS: There will be a black cab taxi rank located on Green Lanes and a mini-cab pick-up on Osbourne Road.

UBER: You are advised to pick your Uber up from Osbourne Road. Please note it is approximately a 20-minute walk from the Accessible Entrance at Gate D to Osbourne Road.

LEAVING THE EVENT: Please leave the event via the entrance you entered at. This is located next to D Gate. The main flow of people will leave via another exit.

Remember that everyone is trying to leave the event at the same time, so it may take you longer to board a train at Finsbury Park or connect with a taxi or Uber.

The distance from the Accessible Entrance at Gate D to the Main Stage Viewing Platform is 100 metres.


This section informs you about the arrival and wristband collection process.

Upon arrival, please head directly to the accessible box office to collect your event wristbands. The Accessibility Box Office is located at

Please note that there may be queues at the box office and entrances. If you need help queuing or standing for long periods, please speak to a member of the team.

Seating and accessible toilets will be available in the box office area.

A hearing loop will be installed at the accessibility box office.

The accessibility box office is where you will have your mobile festival ticket scanned. Please have the Ticketmaster app open and showing your ticket. Please also have your I.D ready. You will be given your show wristband and accessibility wristbands that grant access to your pre-approved facilities.

If you have arrived at the event and you have not previously applied for the use of accessible facilities, please speak to the team at the box office.

If you have a pre-approved essential companion, they must attend the box office with you to collect their wristbands.

Kindly note: The box office staff are unable to change or upgrade any tickets and you will be asked to leave the area if you arrive without the correct entry ticket.

It’s always advisable to bring a copy of your proof of your disability as not all disabilities are visible.

For guest ticket holders, you may collect your wristband from either the guest box offices or accessible box office.

If you experience any problems in collecting your wristbands, please contact:
By Phone: 07386 392 394
By WhatsApp: 07386 394 500


All event attendees will be subject to a search of their vehicles, bags, mobility aids and person.

You may request a female or male member of security to complete the search. Dogs may also be present.

Please be patient, as searches may cause waiting time and queuing.

To avoid any delays or issues, please review the prohibited items list that you cannot bring to the festival by visiting the Festival Republic website.


There is a no re-entry into the festival if you need to leave to replenish essential items over the weekend. However, if you do need to leave the event for an urgent reason relating to your disability, please inform the accessibility team who will be able to assist you where possible.
Please use the same route to exit the festival as you entered.

Please be aware that there will be times during the event where we must enforce strict road closures and curfews. This is to protect the safety of all our customers. Please be mindful of this and avoid leaving the festival during these times.


This section provides information regarding the accessible facilities in the event arena and how to access them.

Accessibility Information Point
Please speak to the team at the Accessible Box Office or the Main stage Viewing Platform if you have any questions during the event.

Refrigerated Medical Storage
If you have any medication requiring refrigeration, please bring it to the medical tent.

Accessible Toilets and Changing Places Unit
Accessible toilets are located around the arena toilet blocks and accessible viewing area. Please remember to show your wristbands when a staff member asks for them. We kindly request that essential companions and other members of your party do not use these facilities.

A changing places unit will be available at the main stage viewing area. This will accommodate larger wheelchairs. You access this by showing staff your wristband.

Bar Service Areas
Accessible bar lanes with lowered service areas are available at the main festival bars. Please look out for the bars labelled Lowered Service Area. You and your essential companion can access the lowered bar areas by using the exit lanes of the bar queues, which bypasses the general queuing system. The lanes are staffed by security and stewards; please remember to show them your wristband.

Your raised viewing platform and ground-level viewing wristbands will give you access to these lanes. Please look out for the wheelchair symbols at the bars.

The merchandise team will be bringing a selection of merch round the accessible viewing area.

We will issue a medical pass to those who need to bring their own food and drink into the arena.

The Accessibility Team will email you the pass and provide details of the specific items permitted for medical purposes. Please remember to follow the rules on the pass, as you won’t be allowed to take any other items.

Please ask the food stall staff to assist you if you require it, and as for the bars, please show your wristband.

Cashless Payments
Finsbury Park is a fully cashless event. You can pay by debit or with credit card and digitally using your mobile phone if you have Apple Pay or Google Pay setup.

Accessible Viewing Areas
The viewing area delivers an inclusive experience for accessibility customers. We expect all viewing area users to show kindness and consideration to others within the area.

Raised Viewing Platform

  • The raised viewing platforms are designated for wheelchair users and those with restricted mobility.
  • Only the approved customer and their essential companion can access the raised viewing platform.
  • A wristband system will control access to the raised viewing platform.
  • In cases where a customer does not have an assigned Essential Companion, they can nominate one person to join them on the platform for the duration of the event.
  • All raised viewing platforms are equipped with ramped access, wheelchair-accessible toilets, and charging points.
  • Viewing platforms are not covered, so customers should dress appropriately for all weather conditions.

Viewing Platform Terms and Conditions

  • Limited seating is available at each platform. We cannot guarantee customers will get a seat on the platform.
  • Platforms operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the platform is at capacity a one in, one out policy will be implemented.
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes & vapes, is not permitted.
  • Staff and security reserve the right to ask customers to leave the platform if you do not behave appropriately.
  • Access to the viewing platform is strictly controlled. You need to apply in advance.
  • Essential Companions are welcome to use available seating, however, please vacate if a disabled customer requires a seat, or you are asked to do so by the steward.
  • Some viewing platforms have power points for charging electric wheelchairs/medical equipment only. Please ask staff for details.
  • Use of the platform implies acceptance of these conditions

Ground-Level Viewing Area

  • A designated ground-level viewing area is available for individuals who require a less crowded area and the option of sitting for short periods.
  • A wristband system will control access to the ground-level viewing areas.
  • Limited seating is available in the ground-level viewing area, and it is operated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All ground-level viewing areas have access to accessible toilets.
  • If required, customers may be accompanied by an essential companion in the ground-level viewing area.


Assistance Dogs
Assistance dogs will be approved in accordance with the requirement indicated on your Nimbus Access Card or Digital Access Pass.

A spending area will be available for assistance dogs.

BSL Performance Interpreters
A British Sign Language performance interpreting service will be provided on request by fully qualified interpreters from Performance Interpreting.

Please make sure you request this service on the Accessible Facilities Application Form.


Medics, medical care, and supplies are available next to the Accessible Entrance or in the main arena at next to the bars. If you require urgent medical attention, please alert a member of the team who can assist you.

A welfare tent is also available where experienced and caring staff are on hand to provide confidential advice about drugs, alcohol, substances, sexual health and general assistance, counselling, and advice for anything that is troubling you. This is located by the main arena first aid tent located next to the bars.

Sensory Calm Space
A sensory calm space is available and located just inside the entrance to the Reservoir food and drink area. This is sign posted as Reservoir Food & Drink.

The aim of Sensory Calm Space is to provide a safe, low-level stimulation and recalibration zone for all customers who need to use it.

Leaving The Arena
When Hozier concludes at the end of the evening, we recommend that customers on the viewing platform and in the ground-level viewing wait until the initial crowd has left the arena.

Please leave the arena via the Accessible Entrance you came in through as the route back to the transport areas is dedicated to Accessible Customers and park users – not the general event crowds.


The following information details the team that will be onsite, how to provide feedback and how to seek help.

Live Nation have partnered with Nimbus Disability, the expert team that pioneered the multi-award-winning Access Card.

Accessibility Team members can be identified by their purple-coloured tabards.

The Accessibility Manager and will be responsible for the team and looking after you whilst onsite.

The Accessibility Box Office Manager and will ensure your wristbands and pre-approved facilities are provided to you.

The Accessibility Arena Manager and will ensure that all the accessible facilities in the Main Arena run smoothly. We encourage you to report any arena issues to the team on site so that we can assist you.

A team of security and stewards will be in the accessible viewing areas in the arena. They will be identifiable by their coloured, numbered tabards. They are there to keep you safe and will do their best to help you.

The whole team will work hard to ensure you have a positive experience at the show and welcome your feedback about any aspect of the festival.


The below section informs customers of the options available to provide feedback on their experience, ask questions or how to get help during the event.

The best place to seek help is at the Accessible Viewing Area or the Accessible Box Office during opening times. The team will be in radio contact with members of the senior management team and event safety should they need support or further escalate the situation.

  • The accessibility arena manager and team will be available to assist you in the arena.
  • Security & stewards are located across the arena and can assist you anytime.
  • By Phone: 07386 392 394.
  • By WhatsApp: 07386 394 500.

If you find yourself lost, please ask for directions.

The event has several live reporting facilities available to customers. If you need assistance, please speak to a team member at one of the following locations:

  • Accessible Box Office, when open.
  • Main Stage Accessible Viewing Area.
  • General arena information hub within the main arena.

By Phone: 07386 392 394
By WhatsApp: 07386 394 500

In addition to the in-person facilities, a phone line is available, answered by the team onsite.

Please be aware that phone reception can be temperamental, and the phone reception may not always be the strongest. The phone may become busy at peak times, so please be patient with us. We accept text messages from those who cannot make calls due to access requirements.

By email: [email protected]

Please note that all feedback or complaints will be reported using a central system and, if necessary, the team will escalate your enquiry to senior event management and event safety control.

If you wish to leave the event early because of a problem, please speak to a member of the Accessibility Team to make a record of this.

We hope you enjoy the show!

The Accessibility Team